About Aquilla Sadalla

Aquilla Sadalla, the Queen Mother Nandi shares the historical stage with a long line of powerful vocalists known as The Queens of Soul. At the tender age of five this young Queen’s dreams always aligned with singing on stage. Aquilla’s quest to cultivate her voice and style has allowed her the privilege to deliver eclectic performances across the globe. Some venues that have been graced with her talents include churches, high school talent shows, local and state pageants, and various bands and groups. Aquilla’s latest endeavors has been the Paris Dijon Theater in France, and she has grace the stage in Belgium with her sons Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. These diverse experiences have shaped her vocal sound into a unique angelic resonance loved by many.

Throughout this journey Aquilla has remained open and in search of whatever God has for her next life challenge. It is her desire to expound on diversity by recognizing the many areas in which she is champion for so many. Some of Aquilla’s accolades include an educator, community advocate, traditional midwife, mentor, cancer survivor, and trauma survivor. However, the real championship was and is today, the raising of her children alongside surrogate children who are successful, accomplished citizens. She is motivated to ensure that the next generation is taught the same set of values and practices that chronicle this family. Aquilla is currently nurturing her youngest daughter’s children into solid citizens, as she is known to do. Her life has been a testament to her commitment to self, family, and community.

As a veteran to the stage and music world she is debuting a masterful collection of songs that sums up her life and progression in music. At the same time, giving the world a blast of energy and spiritual awareness that touches the soul of the listener. This new release is truly a body of work that lifts the spirits of listener as her words not only parallel but resonate with their own experiences and life journey.

We ask everyone to pour into Aquilla Sadalla, The Queens of Soul to help bring to fruition her dream.

After committing more than fifty years to her craft and bringing much needed spiritual soul back to the music arena, Aquilla Sadalla is at a golden time in her journey and is rallying your support. Your donation will go far as it will meet overhead costs for this year’s engagements as well as balance the scales to bring much needed soul back into the music. This unique angelic resonance of a voice will be immortalized by pressing this album to wax.

With your support Aquilla Sadalla’s dream is attainable on this day!

Please support Aquilla Sadalla’s Album Release Fundraiser: http://spot.fund/kj5ngsc